The Ntataise APP

An ECD Digital Experience

In South Africa, Early Childhood Development (ECD) is at a pivotal point, with a pressing need to boost the skills and capabilities of ECD practitioners. To drive change at scale, ECD practitioners need extensive and accessible digital resources to help them access current knowledge, creative instructional methods, and interactive learning tools and improve their digital competency (comfort) levels.

The Ntataise App ( aims to transform the existing landscape and play a role in facilitating the required change. 

Elevate your ECD skills and impact young lives!

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Our Mission: Empowering ECD Practitioners

We aim to empower ECD professionals with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to deliver superior education and care to young learners. Enhancing ECD practices ensures that children get the best possible start in life, benefiting from a holistic developmental foundation.

Innovative Learning Through Digital Platforms

The Ntataise App harnesses the power of digital technology and gamified learning to offer a unique educational experience. Practitioners can engage with captivating modules, partake in interactive simulations, and collaborate in communities of practice. This approach enriches their learning experience and allows them to experience innovative learning and teaching methods first-hand.

Redefining Education with Gamified Learning

What makes our approach distinct is the integration of gamified learning. This technique infuses educational content with game-like elements to make learning more interactive, enjoyable, and effective. Imagine earning points for completing tasks or engaging in creative activities like crossword puzzles designed to boost the learning process.

The Ntataise ECD Championship: Celebrating ECD Excellence

Launched in 2019, the annual Ntataise ECD Championship is a cornerstone of our App. This inclusive event, open to all ECD sector members, celebrates and promotes ECD excellence. The Championship encourages continuous learning and adaptation to changing environments by featuring quests on relevant topics.

For more information about the Ntataise ECD Championships, please use the following links: