Ntataise Championship 2022

The 2022 Ntataise ECD Championship happened between 14 and 25 October. The yearly championship celebrates the people working in ECD as the heroes they are.


Top 5

The top 5 winners each received an R1000 gift voucher.

  1. Presilda Monnakgotla from Education Africa with 6127 points
  2. Banyana Magudulela from Education Africa with 6090 points
  3. Ntombikayise Gama from Masakhane Trust with 5131 points
  4. Asandiswa Precious Molefe from Education Africa 4984 points
  5. Oiteretse Madi from Education Africa 4803 points

Winning Network Organisation:

The announcement will be made on 31 October during the last 2022 Director’s Forum meeting.

Top Ntataise Network player:

Ntombikayise Gama won a laptop for her organisation, Masakhane Trust

Top player from an ECD Centre:

Presilda Monnakgotla won educational toys and books for their ECD centre.

Meet our Top 10 Superheroes

These players were the top 10 winners of the 2021 Championship, who helped players complete the nine quests on their journey to get Enzo to the superhero academy.

  • Andiswa Magwentshu
  • Koenane Thakalekoala
  • Beaugary Maredza
  • Acquilla Ncwana
  • Mandla Nkosi
  • Keletso Dutoit
  • Sheena Mamello Harris
  • Zodwa Mtsweni
  • Rosina Manganye
  • Ntombi Gama


Weekly winners:

The player who achieved the most points during the previous week received 2G of data.

Overall winners:

Top 5 winners: Each won an R1000 voucher.

Leading Ntataise Network organisation: Won the Ntataise Championship floating trophy and bragging rights.

Top Ntataise Network player: Won a laptop for their organisation.

ECD player (somebody working in an ECD facility): Won ECD toys and resources for their facility.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Need more information about how to earn points?

The 2022 Ntataise Championship had 9 quests with challenges that needed to be done. The championship theme is the National Curriculum Framework and Learning through Play. Click here to download the NCF document.

What is the ELDA wheel?

The NCF (National Curriculum Framework) identify 6 Early Learning Development Areas (ELDAs). They are:

  • ELDA 1: Well-being
  • ELDA 2: Identity and belonging
  • ELDA 3: Communication
  • ELDA 4: Exploring mathematics
  • ELDA 5: Creativity
  • ELDA 6: Knowledge and understanding of the world

The ELDA wheel is a picture of the following three ideas:

  1. To become a capable, active learner, each child must develop in ALL ELDAs. It helps them get the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours they need for life, learning, school, and work.
  2.   ELDAs do not happen by themselves. They are all interlinked. Even though a particular ELDA can be the focus of an activity, all ELDAs are linked and will be developed (shaped) by all activities.
  3. Each Quest focuses on a different Learning through Play video. In the challenges, the questions talk about different ELDAs. At the end of the Quest, you will be able to see which ELDAs the activity in the video can help you develop.

What is a quest?

A quest is a set of challenges that all have something in common. Each one is based on a different Learning through Play activity video.

For the 2022 ECD Championship, there are 9 quests. Quests have to be done in the order that they are given. You can’t move on to the next Quest until the last one is complete.

The Championship Gameworld looks like this:

2022 Ntataise Championship Gameworld Map

To start or continue with a quest, tap on the superhero holding Enzo’s hand.

As you complete the challenges, your superhero will move to the next quest, indicated by the red “locked” circles.

Ntataise Championship Quest Screen.

When you begin a new Quest, you will see an empty ELDA wheel. When a Quest’s challenges are completed, the ELDA wheel will show all the ELDAs discussed in the challenges.

Each quest focus on a specific video. How do I view or download the videos?

You can watch the videos directly on the app or download them. Then, tap the play button on the video screen to start the video (a triangle pointing to the right).

You can download and save a video to your phone by tapping on the link at the bottom of the video. Your browser will open a page where you can choose the file size you want to download.

What is a challenge?

To finish a challenge, you have to complete three steps:

  • Step 1: The introduction  – Read the introduction and watch the video to learn more about the subject.
  • Step 2: Answer the questions – Use what you learned from reading the challenge’s introduction to help you answer the questions about it.
  • Step 3: Peer Review Marking – mark your colleagues’ answers. It is a chance to learn about new ideas and share creative solutions that your colleagues came up with. You can also earn bonus points to add to your score.

Each Quest has one to three challenges, which must be completed in order. To get to a challenge, tap on lock in the green circle on the quest screen.

After completing a challenge, you will return to the Quest screen. The stars above the challenge button will indicate how well you did in the challenge. The stars will ONLY be available after all the questions have been answered and all the submissions have been reviewed by your colleagues. In other words, if a challenge has an open-text question, you will need to wait until the question is reviewed before your stars appear.

After completing a challenge, you will see all the correct answers to the questions. You can check the correctness of your answers by going back into the challenge.

You can not change your answers.

You must go back to the game map when the Quest is completed. Tap the arrow in the top right corner of the blue bar on your screen to go back to the map.

The progress bar at the top of the quest screen will fill up as you complete each challenge. 


How do the question points work?

Next to each question number, it’s easy to see how many points each question is worth. For example:

Multiple Choice Questions: 

  • Question 4: [20] means that if you answer the question correctly, you will get 20 points.
  • Question 4: [40] means that there is more than one right answer. But each answer can be right in different ways. How many points you get will depend on how right your answer is. (100 %, 75 %, 50 % or 25 %).

 At the end of each challenge, you can go back and look for the correct answers to all questions.

Open Text Questions:

  • Your colleagues review open-text questions. When they mark, they can choose from one of five options based on how right your answer is:
    • “Not at all” factor = 0%
    • “Not well, but they tried” = 25%
    • “Good answer, but something is missing ”  = 50%
    • “Correct answer”  = 75%
    • “Fantastic answer” = 100%
  • Question 4: [50] means that you can get a maximum of 50 points.
  • Between 3 and 7 people must mark each question before a score is allocated to the answer.

How are points earned through marking?

You will receive points for marking when the APP’s algorithm agrees that you scored in line with other reviewers.

Between 3 and 7 people need to mark each question
Only after 3 to 7 people reviewed a question are marks awarded. This way, the APP ensure the correctness of the answer.

What if the 7 do not agree?
If, after 7 reviews, the APP can not establish the correctness of the answer, the question goes for moderation.

How do I get points for marking?
If the marks you scored for a question align with the other reviewers, you receive 10 points towards your Championship score. You will receive no points if the score is not aligned.

Why does it take so long for my points to reflect?
Between 3 and 7 people must review each question before a score or points are awarded.

Why are points not given for every review?
The APP only awards points for credible marks. To ensure it is fair towards everybody, reviewers can not receive points if their marking isn’t reasonable.

How are the final Ntataise Network organisation points calculated?

Everything counts so that all efforts will help your organisation’s standing. The calculation for the final organisational scores includes:

  • The Average Points of all players associated with your organisation.
  • 5 Bonus Points per Registration.
  • 25 Bonus Points per Active User. An Active User is somebody who has at least completed 1 Quest.
  • 1 Bonus Point per Review.

How do I access the leaderboard?

Tap the trophy icon at the bottom of the screen to get to the leaderboard.

How do I access Peer Review Marking?

Tap the circle icon at the bottom of your screen to get to Peer Review Marking. 

How do I access FAQ information during the Championship?

Tap the circle with the “i” at the bottom of the screen to get to support information during the Championship.

Need more support?

If you need more help, contact our WhatsApp support line at (+27) 67 040 8497 or email us at ecd@ntataise.org.


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  1. I forgot my username, or I do not have access to the email address/telephone number I used to register.
    You need to create a new account. If you do not have access to the original email address or telephone number, you will not be able to use the “Forgot password” function, so it will be better to create a new account. 

  2. I forgot my password.
    Tap the “Forgot password?” link below the password box on the login screen. The next screen will prompt you to enter the email address / mobile number you used to register. You will receive an email / SMS with instructions.

    If you registered with an email address, you would receive an email with a link. When you tap on the link, the Reset Password screen is where you need to create a new password.

    If you registered with a mobile number, you would receive an SMS with a One Time password. You need to enter the password on the Reset Password screen and create a new password.

  3. I remember my login details, but the login details don’t work.
    The first question you need to ask yourself is if you verified the login details. The verification process involves either an email with a link you need to tap or an SMS with a One Time Password you need to enter. If you did not complete this process, your login details would not be valid.

    If you completed the verification process and can not log in, try to use the “Forgot Password?” function to make sure you create a password that you remember.

  4. I did not receive a verification email or SMS.
    If you did not receive a verification email or SMS, you might have made a mistake entering your details. We are all just human, and while typing on phones, we sometimes make mistakes; this is not too serious. To ensure you used the correct spelling or number, try to register again.

    If you receive a message that says the user is already registered, please contact the support number for assistance.