Piloting the digital delivery of the Ntataise Training and Support Programmes

The weeks of lockdown were thick with difficulties for which Ntataise was only mildly prepared. Primary amongst these was the challenge to keep accredited training programmes on track so that practitioners could achieve qualification. This required us to review our customary training approach to training ECD practitioners.

Ntataise had already been investigating a blended training approach integrating the use of digital platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc. with face-to-face training. Lockdown accelerated these plans. Using what was readily available to us i.e. mobile phones, Google Meet and WhatsApp, Ntataise successfully delivered three training modules with two existing training groups of 71 ECD practitioners.

Ntataise chose Google as the primary digital platform. Most of our Network as well as practitioners were familiar with Gmail and the platform proved to be more economical in its data usage. Added to this, the platform is compatible with Android smart phones, whose use is more widespread among the ECD practitioners with whom we work. To ensure connectivity, each learner was given mobile data by Ntataise to participate in online sessions.

The past few months have demonstrated that the ECD workforce, including practitioners, and those who train them, possess tremendous resilience, and confirmed Ntataise’s capacity for adaptability in what is becoming and increasing changing training environment.