Ntataise Network: Support for the re-opening of ECD facilities

On July the 6th 2020, almost four months after ECD facilities were required to shut down, the Gauteng High Court passed a judgement for ECD programmes to resume with immediate effect, on condition that they adhere to Covid-19 operating protocols.

In anticipation of the re-opening of the ECD sector, Ntataise developed a comprehensive ‘Emerging from Lockdown’ short course. Realising that operating in a Covid-19 context would be unfamiliar to practitioners and families alike, the course offers both practical assistance and necessary emotional support. Despite standard operating procedures that ensure the safe re-opening of ECD facilities and the wellbeing of children, staff and parents/family members still remain cautious. This short course specifically addresses these anxieties and encourages parents / caregivers to enroll their young children when centres are ready to re-open.

The course has already been tested in the field by several Ntataise Network member organisations with successful outcomes. Its structure consists of a series of four sessions whose content is aligned with the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures for ECD facilities outlined by the Department of Social Development. Topics cover an introduction and overview of the Covid-19 context; self-care and supporting the psychological wellbeing of staff members and children; capacitating parents and community members; and practical guidelines for reopening ECD centres.

39 Ntataise Network Trainers, Directors and Facilitators have been orientated in the course so far. The orientation was conducted by Ntataise through the Google Meet platform. The Ntataise Network is extending the course to Centre Managers and Practitioners to provide support for the reopening of ECD facilities.