Accelerating the Ntataise Digital Strategy

Two years ago, Ntataise developed a Digital Literacy programme with the objective to improve the digital literacy levels of Ntataise and Ntataise Network staff including Directors, ECD trainers, mentors, administration staff and ECD practitioners. This programme is central to Ntataise’s Digital strategy which aims to develop the proficiency of ECD trainers, facilitators and practitioners in the use of digital platforms for their continuous learning and professional development.

As part of the strategy, Ntataise has been looking at alternative ways of providing training and support to ECD trainers and practitioners. One example is the development of a custom-made digital platform which packages and delivers Ntataise content through an online game experience. We tested the platform in late 2019, and found it motivated and improved the practice of ECD practitioners, trainers and facilitators. The refined version of this digital learning platform is being integrated into Ntataise’s existing programmes as a mechanism to support ECD practitioners, trainers/facilitators and mentors participating in Ntataise programmes between face-to-face contact sessions.

The current crisis has encouraged Ntataise to accelerate our Digital Strategy. As we move forward, the integration of online platforms and the use of digital teaching and learning aides is gaining increasing traction both within our organisations and with our beneficiaries. Building on the gains made over the past year, during this lockdown period, Ntataise has swiftly developed and produced activities, challenges, and assignments in digital format for ECD practitioners to keep them engaged and participating in Ntataise training, support and capacity-building programmes.