Changes in the Ntataise Staff

At the end of 2016, Jane Evans, who founded Ntataise in 1980 stepped down as Director of the Ntataise Network Support Programme. She remains involved in the organisation by continuing her vital role as trustee as well as contributing in an advisory capacity to the Ntataise Directors and management team. Sarah McGuigan who has been with Ntataise for 10 years and involved in its project management, fundraising and reporting has taken over responsibilities as the Ntataise Network Support Programme Director this year.

The Ntataise leadership team will be reinforced by the appointment of David McCall as treasurer, a business man involved in the financial sector in Johannesburg with farming interests in Viljoenskroon, and the appointment as trustee of Johannes Machatola, a qualified teacher who served 9 years as principal at the Ikemisetseng Primary School in the Free State in addition to being involved in various community committees and forums in the capacity as chairperson. This year further sees Rachel Leshoro, a primary school teacher with 22 years of experience and Claire Gledhill, a qualified conveyancing attorney with experience in community work joining the management and Monitoring and Evaluation team.